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Separated at Birth

I always had a jones for horror. As soon as I was old enough to turn on the TV by myself, I discovered Pittsburgh's Saturday afternoon staple Chiller Theater and our beloved host Bill "Chilly Billy" Cardille (father of Lori Cardille of Day of the Dead). Bill would later appear as himself in Night of the Living Dead, but all of that was still several years away when I became a horror junkie. My best friend and I would curl up in the same chair and shriek and laugh at the

Crawling Eye DVD TV for hours at the world's shlockiest movies and it was the best fun imaginable. It was a roller coaster ride without the nausea. (The Crawling Eye was an early favorite - it still is - though it certainly does not qualify as "shlocky.") After a few years, Chiller Theater moved to late-night Saturday and I always had permission to stay up and watch it. I think my mother knew that I'd watch it anyway and she enjoyed those old movies as much as I did. Continue reading About Me.

Zombie Zen
Zombie Zen

Marauding ghouls come
Eating flesh of the living
No more room in hell.

~Greg Gould