About Me

Early one morning in 1967, I awoke to discover that I was going to be in a movie. The plot and my character were Karen Cooper Zombie Girl explained to me and I was thrilled beyond belief. I couldn't wait to get on my "ghoul" makeup (no one referred to us as "zombies" - that term came later) and start chomping on people! No one at school believed me, of course, because this wasn't Hollywood and everyone just knew that movies were only made there. Anyway, long story short, I became a zombie, the big kids teased me and I ate them. I am now respected and feared in the 'hood where I grew up.

I became a vagabond for a while, trying to "find myself," and wound up living in Libby, Montana for a time in the early 1980s. I loved the pristine wilderness of the area but I eventually settled back in Pittsburgh. Since 1985, I've made my living teaching pottery and sculpture in an art school. I love to sculpt, using any medium that comes my way, and I enjoy making jewelry using the lost wax casting method. I collaborated on a short story with Stoker Award-winning author Mark McLaughlin that is included in Midnight Premiere, an anthology published by Cemetery Dance.

Spiffy the Pointer Greyhound

I do as many conventions as my day-job schedule allows and I love meeting people in the genre - fans and celebrities alike. I spend as much time as possible with my children, all of whom have four legs and fur. Spiffy is probably the wisest (read: wise-ass) of the lot, and the most glib. Her prose is actually quite good.

I hope this has been somewhat informative and has answered some of the questions my FAQ didn't address. If you feel a burning need to delve further into my personal/professional life, ask away, but be forewarned: Depending on the nature of the question, I may just tell you it's none of your business. Tactfully, of course.


Zombie Zen
Zombie Zen

Chomping human flesh
Cannibal infection spreads
Undead multiply.

~Mike Stinski