The Virtual Evans City Cemetery

There's no need to drive into the cold, scary Pennsylvania countryside to visit the infamous Night of the Living Dead cemetery; now, the cemetery can come to you!

Here it is: The Virtual Evans City Cemetery, as it once appeared on Chris Stavrakis's late, great, presented with Apple's QuickTime plug-in. (Don't have it? Download the QuickTime plug-in here.)

For those of you unfamiliar with QTVR, here's all you need to know:
Press Shift to zoom in; press Control to zoom out. Use your mouse to pan around the image. (These controls work for Macs; Windows users may need to experiment and find the proper keystrokes, but it should work on any platform.) If you spin it really fast you'll get dizzy. It's fun!

This panoramic view was shot at the exact location of the Night cemetery scenes; all of the monuments featured in the film (Blair, Kramer, etc.) can be seen in this view.

Many thanks to Chris for the use of his "Virtual Cemetery!"

** Fun Fact:
Many years ago, somewhere around 1997-'98, I went with two of my friends, Chris and Dave, to the Evans City cemetery. It was the first time I'd ever been there, as none of my scenes in the film had taken place there. As we strolled around, identifying and photographing the familiar head stones, we noticed that a very prominent monument seemed to be missing: The "Nicholas Kramer" stone behind which Night of the Living Dead's "Barbara" hid. After some searching, we discovered the white obelisk covered by shrubbery and partially buried in mud. It seemed unlikely that the stone had been toppled in a storm and we suspected that it had probably been deliberately knocked down. In a heroic act of reverse vandalism, Chris and Dave wrestled the heavy stone (and I mean HEAVY!) back into place on its base.
Rest in peace, Mr. Kramer -- we're all looking out for you.

Zombie Zen
Zombie Zen

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