(Frequently Asked Questions about Night of the Living Dead and Bosco™)

Q. How old were you when you were in Night of the Living Dead?

A. I was 9, almost 10. The film premiered three days before my 11th birthday. Click here to see the premiere invitation.

Q. Are Karl Hardman and Marilyn Eastman your real parents? The IMDb says they are.

The Coopers

A. Yes and no. Karl was my real father but Mrs. Eastman is not my real mother, nor was she ever married to my father, despite the IMDb's assertions to the contrary. The IMDb is full of inaccuracies. I've tried to correct some of their "facts" but sometimes it's an exercise in futility. Evidently they're not interested in accuracy or truth. I wouldn't believe anything I read on that site. Remember this; there will be a quiz later.

Q. Were you scared during the filming of the movie, or later, when you saw the finished product?

A. No. I got to see the actors as real people before they had their makeup applied and they were all very nice and friendly.

Q. During the scene where you ate your father's arm, what were you really eating?

A. It was someone's leftover meatball sandwich from lunch, covered with chocolate syrup to simulate a bloody stump. I didn't really eat it. I just held it up to my mouth and pretended to eat it. I guess that's why they call it "acting."

Q. What did they use for blood on the arm?

Bosco Bear

A. BOSCO chocolate syrup. Click on the Bosco Bear to go to Bosco World. It's awesome!

Q. I read somewhere that your hand was being gnawed on during the Zombie Bar-B-Q. Is that true?

A. No. My hand and I were tucked away in bed when that scene was filmed and believe me, it was one of the biggest disappointments of my little life. How often does a kid get to see a truck blow up? An erroneous caption under a photograph in John Russo's "Night of the Living Dead Filmbook" states that it was my hand, but it's not true. Again -- don't believe everything you read. Unless you read it here. ;) Read more FAQs.

Zombie Zen
Zombie Zen

Bosco body parts
Far too many calories
Thanks, I'll have mine raw.

~Kyra Schon