Another Mother for Peace

Another Mother for Peace
Working for peace since 1967.

Dames of the Dead

Dames of the Dead
The promotional website of Judith O'Dea and Kyra Schon.

Judy O'Dea

O'Dea Communications
The official site of the lovely Judith O'Dea.

Haunted Squirrel

Haunted Squirrel
Strangely compelling psychic squirrel.

Michael Calandra

Calandra Studio
Phenomenal artwork by good friend Michael Calandra.

Cats and A Haunted Hotel
My friends Blair and Ghosty Girl's really haunted hotel!

Wednesday Lee Friday Horror Author

Wednesday Lee
Horror fiction (I hope it's fiction!) author Wednesday Lee Friday's site. Go there and be afraid! It's bloody great!

The It's Alive Show

The It's Alive Show
Hosted horror is finally back in the 'burgh Saturday nights at 10 on WBGN and midnight on WPMY!

Night of the Living Dead tribute site
A Night of the Living Dead tribute site. Virtual farmhouse and interactive script areas.

Stephen Blickenstaff

The Art of Stephen Blickenstaff
Creepy-cool paintings and prints.

Mark McLaughlin Horror Author

If H. P. Lovecraft and David Sedaris had a child, it would be horror author Mark McLaughlin.

Scott Johnson Horror Author

American Horror Writer
Horror author and new homeboy, Scott Johnson!

Owl Goingback Horror Author

Owl Goingback
Owl's a really nice guy and his books will scare you silly!

Halloween Greeting E-Cards

Halloween Greeting Cards
Every day is Halloween! Send a card.

Horror Biz Magazine

Horror Biz Films and Magazine
My buddy "Dave The Producer's" mag and other stuff -- check it out.


New Jersey Batman
Chiroptologist Joe D'Angeli will enlighten you about bats and other wildlife

Ghoul A Go-Go

Ghoul A Go-Go
Vlad, Creighton and The Invisible Man host a really funny kids' variety show. Go pick up their tapes and DVDs.

Zombie Zen
Zombie Zen

Shoot them in the head
That's what the radio said
He's my only son!

~Karen Riley