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Mego Karen Cooper - Please Read Before Ordering

The long-awaited Karen Cooper Mego-style figure has finally arrived! She is adorable, but, as you can plainly see, her attire has been altered somewhat from the original promotional images. She had been pictured in an orange print dress, but that particular fabric was no longer available. These things happen. Make no mistake, though - she is every bit as deadly in her garden-party dress.

Also, the packaging says "8 Inch Figure," but little Karen is precisely 6 inches tall.


She will need some care before you display her (if you intend to remove her from her packaging). First off - her collar will not stay down on its own. I glued mine to the dress with some fabric glue. If you choose to follow this same path - PLEASE - REMOVE HER DRESS BEFORE GLUING THE COLLAR - otherwise the glue will seep through the fabric to her lovely green skin and we wouldn't want that to happen.

A request was made of the factory to put a small rubber band around her forehead to keep her hair in place over her eye. They mistook the word "forehead" for the word "neck" and she now sports a rubber choker. This can be easily removed - it pulls right off. Once off, you can appropriately style her luxurious, golden zombie-locks.

The Mego Karen Cooper is $40, signed, plus $15.00 for DOMESTIC (US orders, only) USPS Priority Mail shipping. When ordering, please specify the name you would like on the package: "To Anderson," "To Minnie," etc. If you don't specify a name for personalization, the item will be sent with only my tagline and my signature.

Thanks for looking! <3

Karen Cooper Figure
Karen Cooper Figure
Karen Cooper Figure
Karen Cooper Figure
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