The Karen Cooper Tattoo Gallery

Fran Pinto
Karen Cooper Tattoo

The Artist:
Galaxy Needle
Calella, Barcelona, Spain

André Rônei
Karen Cooper Tattoo

The Artist:
São Paulo, Brazil

Josh O'Neil
Karen Cooper Tattoo

The Artist:
Aramis Pugh
Chrome Lotus Tattoo
Idaho Falls, Idaho

Chris Carter
Karen Cooper Tattoo

The Artist:
Danny Cuvay
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Jay R. Pratt
Karen Cooper Tattoo

Designed by Jay R. Pratt
The Artist:
Jim Sadewater
Dreamline Tattoo
Rockford, Illinois

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*Special thanks to Nick Yak for being the inspiration for this Tattoo Gallery.

Several people have asked if I could provide a high quality "face" image for use as a tattoo template. Always happy to support the arts, I've posted a link to a high resolution Karen-face to aid in your quest for the perfect tattoo. Feel free to download it and take it to your favorite tattoo artist.
Of course, I'll expect to see pictures of the finished ink!

If you are the proud owner of a "Karen Cooper Face" tattoo, send me a photo and I'll hang it in the Gallery.