The Karen Cooper Tattoo Gallery

David Breda
Chronic Tattoo Karen Cooper Tattoo

The Artist:
Chronic Tattoo
Elyria, Ohio

Kevin Hey
Ed Napodano Karen Cooper Tattoo

The Artist:
Ed Napodano
New Castle, Pennsylvania

Brian Piccolo
Precision Body Arts Karen Cooper Tattoo

The Artist:
Kevin McKeating
Precision Body Arts
Nashua, New Hampshire

Kevin McKeating's "Helen Cooper"
Precision Body Arts Helen Cooper Tattoo

Kevin McKeating's "Cookout" Zombie
Precision Body Arts Zombie Tattoo

Kevin McKeating's "Bub"
Precision Body Arts Bub Tattoo

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*Special thanks to Nick Yak for being the inspiration for this Tattoo Gallery.

If you are the proud owner of a "Karen Cooper Face" tattoo, send me a photo and I'll hang it in the Gallery.